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3625 Shaganappi Trail NW
Calgary, AB, T3A 5P9

403 288 7971

We're known for an extraordinary mix of the most original cards and unique giftware you'll find - and you will find it here: cards, wrap, bags, stationary, journals, books, and novelty products, jewelry, giftware, artworks and design accessories.


Inspire someone. We'll inspire you... 


We'll inspire you... 

Our absolutely original lines of greeting cards have been inspiring others for 22 years. Yes, we carry all kinds of amazing stuff but we're known for our cards. They're sensitive and soft, brilliant and breathtaking, smart and silly, even raunchy and rude (yes, in that really, really funny way that only your friend will get). There's a card for every friend and every relationship and every situation. You'll find it here.

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